Turismo de Tenerife


Sorry, We made an awareness-raising message reach over 400,000 people without any investment. Not sorry.


Sorry. Tourism of Tenerife needed to raise awareness among the population on the importance of tourism for all of the islands’ economic sectors. It also wanted everyone to realise the need to comply with COVID safety regulations to in order to kick-start and revive tourism.


Get people to empathise with macroeconomic data, which they perceive as extremely distant and noninfluential in their daily lives.



Starting from the theory of the 6 degrees of separation, we brought together 20 real people from different sectors on the island. People’s first impressions were a lack of understanding of how they related directly to tourism.

And, via an interview with Tomás Galván (founder of Casa Tomás, one of the island’s top traditional restaurants), we revealed how every consequence of the lack of tourism on his business was transferred to one of the people seated across from him.

Our main achievements with this format have been to:

1- Show how the lack of tourism affects us all personally.
2- Put a face to these numbers that we are always hearing about.
3- Clarify how the individual decisions every person makes affect many more people than we think.


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