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Tropical que nunca

Sorry, We managed to make one of the most beloved Lovebrands of the Canary Islands even more iconic. Not sorry.


Sorry. Tropical, one of the Canary Island’s most important beers and possibly the most beloved Lovemark of the islands, wanted a rebranding to modernise it and organise all the visual resources of its VBI.


Modernise one of the islands’ most longstanding and beloved brands without neglecting its history and the people’s love of its symbol: the dog.


For the process, we worked with two of our regular branding experts and collaborators. Samuel Cabrera and Elena, who joined our team to execute the project with their unique and specialised vision. The solution was to simplify the brand's iconic typography to improve legibility in digital environments and remove all superfluous items, cleaning up the design of the isotype and including the subtle silhouette of the brand's island of origin (Gran Canaria) on the dog's fur (its symbol).

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