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Thousand of first times

Sorry, we created the first guided tours with tailor-made video clips for any client in the hotel industry.
Not sorry.


Instead of briefing others, they counted on us for the market launch of UP! - the new product from Spring Hotels.


To communicate with such a broad range of target audiences and markets, we first needed to establish what made us different from all the other hotels on offer in the south of Tenerife.


Talking about the product was set to one side, and we turned it into the first immersive 'first times' experience. We created an integrated campaign in the areas where our target audience was located, and created a dialogue between the brand and its audience through personalized promotional material with consumers’ names as part of the hotel experience.


The results validated our strategy, and we achieved a 35% increase in searches for the brand in the targeted countries, which translated into a 14.5% rise in room bookings.
Not sorry.

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