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Sorry, we conveyed the value proposition of a hotel by turning it into the main character of 6 micro stories.
Not sorry.


Sorry, Hotel Bitácora by Spring Hotels needed to renew its audiovisual content after the repositioning to which we had subjected the brand and that we made tangible through a deep reform in which we incorporated the artist Lauro Samblás from Tenerife as the Art Director of the project.

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To show all the novelties of the hotel at a physical level, and at the same time generate material for communication in social media and future campaigns, all this conveying the new value proposition of Bitácora: a much more extensive, inclusive and representative "Fun for everyone".


The solution was to show the hotel through different experiences lived in it.

To achieve this, we designed a content model based on a series format, where we turned Bitácora into the main character of 6 different micro-stories.

The result was that, in a consistent way, we managed to show all the ways to enjoy and have fun during a vacation (reaching all targets) and, at the same time, show all the novelties in the design of the hotel.

This way, we got the necessary material to show the hotel in a physical or experiential way depending on the needs and objectives of each touchpoint in the future.

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