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Sorry, we brought together for Christmas the family with the longest history in the world to send a message of hope for the future. Not sorry


As every year, the Government of the Canary Islands held a contest to launch its Christmas greeting campaign to all Canary Islanders: a hopeful and optimistic message towards the future.


To overcome the "institutional" barrier and create a campaign based on a relevant message, shared by credible people, that would be able to connect and move audiences of all demographic and psychographic groups. .


In the context of uncertainty that prevailed at the end of 2022, we wanted that year's Christmas campaign to be a revulsive against the feeling that "any time in the past was better", and to give a leading voice to a socially neglected segment of the population, such as the elderly. By pure chance, during the ideation process we came across the news that the Hernández Pérez family, twelve siblings originally from Moya (Gran Canaria), had just won a Guinness World Record for being the family with the longest life span (1061 years). In other words, the family with the longest history in the world. It was then when we saw the opportunity to configure a relevant message, to count on the real testimony of a Canarian family, and to do so by putting the elderly at the center. After meeting the family, we organized and witnessed a particular Christmas party in which the twelve siblings gathered in the presence of their closest relatives to remember their history; one marked by affection, tradition, tenacity and union. The Hernández Pérez family recalled their childhood and the Christmases of that time, shared anecdotes, memories and laughter, and sent their best wishes for the future to all Canary Islanders: "after living 1061 Christmases, what fills us with illusion is knowing that the good things remain, but the best is yet to come". .

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