Elaborado en Canarias

La Casa Elaborada Aquí

Sorry, we built a fully habitable house in less than thirty days and told the world about it in a reality TV show never seen before in Europe.
Not sorry


Elaborado en Canarias, with the help of ASINCA, launched, as it does every year, the challenge of promoting Canarian products.


To develop differentiating, attractive content capable of connecting with society as a whole in a context of crisis of relevance. .


We decided to think big and proposed the construction of a house from scratch and using only materials made in the Canary Islands as a campaign to promote local products. We mobilised more than 25 companies to participate in the project and we narrated it through 5 episodes in reality show format for public television. All of this was complemented with a strategy that included a website, social media posts and media appearances. .

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"La casa elaborada aquí" accumulated more than 100,000 unique viewers, reached peaks of loyalty of up to 78% and surpassed several national channels in the pre-midnight slot. These are figures that the Canary Islands industry had never before achieved with branded content, and which more than meet the previously established goal. Not sorry.

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