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Sorry, we show the world why Andalucía is the ideal place to be a digital nomad. Not sorry


In order to continue building positioning as an ideal destination for digital nomads, Junta de Andalucía had one of its challenges in the development of a website that would serve as a point of information and lead generation.


Create a website capable of highlighting the potential of the destination as a host of digital nomads and, at the same time, generate a qualified database of different nomad profiles. .


When it came to conceptualizing the landing page, we began by defining the content tree with our partner AdQuiver and then compiling the necessary information to create texts and design. The development of the whole project was made under the premise that the website should be conversion oriented; that is, that it should converge the attributes of Andalucía as a destination and the needs of the nomad target and, once this connection was established, it should build a communication bridge between both interlocutors. Finally, to promote and amplify the storytelling of the Andalucía brand ("Give yourself a treat, come to Andalusia"), we proposed a fieldwork in Milan with which we showed in an audiovisual piece a peculiar experiment that tested the ability of the destination to generate joy in different profiles of digital nomads. .

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