Gobierno de Canarias

Estás a 15 minutos de lo
que echas de menos

Sorry, we turn an institutional message into a genuine proposal capable of connecting with young people.

Not sorry.


Sorry. In view of the high incidence of infections among young people and their lack of interest in the vaccine, the Government of the Canary Islands asked for our help to create a campaign to encourage this age group to request their appointment.


To connect with an advertising-averse public (especially when it
is institutional) and awaken their interest for vaccination.


Young people have missed a lot of things during the pandemic. In fact, “missing” is what they’ve done the most part of the last year and a half. After analyzing what was preventing them to get vaccinated and, in the other hand, what the drivers might be, we concluded that the most compelling reason to get vaccinated is to get closer to the end of the pandemic; to get back to what they’ve missed.

We used the 15 minutes of observation that you have to wait after being inoculated as the campaign’s insight: a very short period of time compared to the year and a half that they’ve missed going out, partying, traveling, meeting in large groups... So we articulated this simple message “You are 15 minutes away from what you are missing” using a visual language that will feel relatable to the public, based on fluorine chromatology and the symbolic representation of these longings through abstract and angular shapes. In addition, we partnered with institutions that young people feel close to, such as their favorite sports clubs, stores, discotheques, etc., to get the message across

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