Gobierno de Canarias

Agenda Canaria de
Desarrollo Sostenible

Sorry, we endow our cultural heritage, a dimension of the Canary Islands Agenda for Sustainable Development, with an identity that will bring together all actions in the area of Sustainability. Not sorry


The Government of the Canary Islands needed a graphic concept for the identity of the Canary Islands Development Agenda and the Canarias 2030 brand that would bring together all the actions.


To define a brand coherent and consistent with the image defined by the UN and, at the same time, a universe with a local dimension flexible enough to optimally communicate the specific actions of the local government.


The solution was to design a simple brand that would bring together the characteristic colours of the SDGs prioritised by the regional government in the UN report and, from there, explore a visual universe that would allow us to imbue all communication around the project with a unique character.

To convey this, we developed our own illustrative universe that would allow us to give the communication a more informative and friendly character that would lower the institutional and serious tone of the content, this bringing it closer to the entire Canary Islands population.

We defined a grid for structuring the content and hierarchy of messages, which, together with a specific illustration for each dimension of the agenda, separated the government's actions and objectives in a visual way, making the report more accessible and easy to consult.

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