Sorry, we have turned Dorada into the premier brand of the world’s second largest carnival.
Not sorry.


Sorry, we didn't wait. A proactive project where an opportunity presented itself before the briefing.


The initial major challenge was to own the communication opportunity. Seven years down the line, the challenge is to surpass ourselves.


Based on very specific insights into this particular event, we created and developed "the formula", in which we combined consumer participation, specially composed songs, collectable packaging, short film advertisements, point of sale, digital actions, PR events and decoration on the main streets of the Carnival.


Anticipating new communication trends, we included consumers as the core element of the brand. This meant that after four consecutive years, 99% of the target audience chose Dorada as the Carnival brand, even though the Carnival did not start until our campaign was launched. Do you need more results? We don't think so.

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