Dorada Especial

El lugar de los
momentos especiales

Sorry, We managed to surprise Dorada Especial's consumers one more time by showing them new emotional territories of their favorite brand.
Not sorry


Dorada Especial, as a brand closely linked to bars and restaurants from the Canary Islands, wanted to recognise their work for continuing to make possible the celebrations of its consumers, even at the toughest times.


To continue positioning Dorada Especial by creating a narrative that is exciting enough to connect an audience immunized against messages of encouragement.


Based on the insight “we all remember to celebrate a special moment in our usual bar” and after the success of “Motivos para celebrar”, we began to explore new ways to continue building on emotions. Finally, we decided together with the client to go one step further and create a realistic fiction that reflected the values and narrative of the brand. The result was “Nuestros bares, el lugar de los momentos especiales”, an emotional campaign that not only recognises the bars and restaurants’ work, but also the special moments that we all celebrate every day there.

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