Costa Adeje

Empieza a soñar

Sorry, we helped a tourist destination adapt to the extraordinary circumstances
of the sector in the middle
of a pandemic.
Not sorry.


Sorry. As we all know, the tourism sector has changed radically since the COVID-19 pandemic began. That's why Costa Adeje came to us to create a national campaign capable of repositioning the destination and attracting a new growing market.


Increase the destination's awareness in new markets and find ways to be relevant during the most uncertain time the industry has ever experienced.


After analyzing the brand's position in the context of its sector, we came to the conclusion that we needed to move away from the standard codes of tourist destination communication. So, based on the fervent desire to live life-changing experiences as an insight, we created "Empieza a soñar" (translated as “start dreaming”): a campaign with its own imaginary that places Costa Adeje on the map in a differentiating and relevant way.

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